A flexible printing solution


The EFI Reggiani ReNOIR FLEXY from i-Sub represents a real break-through in technology.

It is equipped with a brand new Dynaplast system which provides the ability to print with complete confidence on a wide variety of fabrics, ranging from knitted and woven to low- and high-stretch materials.

Now users can digitally print direct on cotton and synthetic fabric with one machine. The new printer has been designed and produced to allow everyone to get into the industrial printing segment.

It uses a new type of pigment ink, which does not require pre-coating on the fabric before print.

At a glance:

  • Load rolls of coated or uncoated fabric and print direct, then heat cure in-line through an industrial dryer.
  • No fabric pre-coating, no paper, no steaming or washing, using eco-friendly water based inks.
  • Commercially tested wet and dry wash and rub fastness.
  • Buy the fabrics you want and provide your customers with the best and widest range of fabrics and products.
  • Industrial production speed up to 190sq m/hr.
  • Low cost ink and ink recycling technology that recovers 95% of wasted ink to further reduce running cost.


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