A continuing presence for 22 years

HD-Max screen printer
HD-Max screen printer

Dave Renton Screen Printing Supplies or NESMS as it is also known has been around for 23 years demonstrating a wealth of experience that few other companies can boast.

Back in 1991 a younger Dave Renton decided that it was about time he took his future into his own hands and so set up a screen print machinery supply business. All these years later he is still true to that core business, but he has built a company that offers so much more to its clientele.

As well as machinery from such well known manufacturers as Metro, AWT and Hopkins he also supplies a range of used machines that span all sectors of the screen printing industry. He also supplies a wide catalogue of machinery covering point of sale, stencil making and screen stretching as well as screen reclaiming. Add to this the range of inks, emulsions and screen reclamation fluids and you can see that this company could easily be described as a one-stop supplier.

Product innovation

Luckily, for the industry, Dave is rarely happy with his lot and is always looking for new products that will not only benefit his business but, more importantly, benefit that of his customers’. One of the products that resulted from this drive for innovation was the Metro Dip Tank. They say all the best ideas are the simple ones so, if that is the case, then this must be really simple because it certainly is one of ‘the best’. Put simply this enables you to clean and reclaim five screens in the time it would normally take for one. To find out how this can be possible you will have to contact Dave but, suffice to say that, whatever the process is, it has to be worth looking at especially when you consider the savings in cost as well as the time. This is the story with so much of Dave’s products. Kor-Chem is another example where these eco-friendly liquids not only make life easier but also benefit the user with an ecological and cost advantage too.

Increased warehouse space

CP-2 one step ink and emulsion remover
CP-2 one step ink and emulsion remover

The product listing has been further added to recently with the acquisition of a distributorship from Lawson Screen & Digital Products based St Louis, USA. Dave is particularly pleased about introducing the LED screen exposure units which bring increased proficiency but, due to their high energy efficiency, at a lower cost. Where screen printing machinery is concerned he offers new, pre-owned and reconditioned models that cover a multitude of needs and is always willing to consider part exchange.

Due to continued expansion of their catalogue the company has recently had to increase warehousing space by 700sq ft. something which Dave is particularly proud of.

If you are involved in screen printing then NESMS is a company that you simply cannot ignore. The range it offers covers most aspects of the industry so whatever your requirements, the chances are they will have something that will do the job, do it well and do it economically.

For more information call 0800 1777665, emails info@nesms.co.uk or visit www.nesms.co.uk

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