A comprehensive range of water-based inks

pic 1Amex, though not strictly a new name to the world of textile inks, it has, with its partnership in AD Colour seen its reputation rise in leaps and bounds in the UK.

Something many people are not aware of is Amex’s long history and excellent reputation in the manufacture of water-based inks. With Amex being based in Italy it goes without saying that its water-based ink range is tailored to produce some of the softest, brightest and most striking colours in the print industry.

Its inks decorate some of the world’s leading fashion house designs and garments across the globe, but not just garments. Many domestic fabrics are in fact decorated using Amex’s water-based products.

Amex’s comprehensive water-based inks cover a wide spectrum of uses and many different finishes, for use by large industrial printers to universities, schools, colleges and small print shops. The following inks are the main ranges:

  • AM1000295 Texprint Extra Soft – the ultimate soft tough and bright ink range, specifically designed for white and light coloured garments and materials.
  • 05 Aquaflex – this extremely flexible base is ideal for the sports, breathable material market, and excellent screen stability.
  • 02 Texprint Mono – designed for the smaller printer, college or school, this ink range air dries with no need for IR driers, excellent opacity across the board.
  • 02 Texprint – the all singing opaque ink range for black and dark coloured garments and materials where punchy solid colours are needed to stand out from the crowd.
  • AM000000 Texprint Rotary – The most cost effective base and pigment system in the market today, deisgned to work in the larger rotary fabric market offering excellent printability and vibrant colours across many materials, the use of pigments allows the printer to adjust and customise the product to suit their own and customer requirements.


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