A classic garment


The worldwide market for polo shirts is expected to grow roughly 2.5% over the next five years to $5710 million in 2024. Here Gemma Puffer, marketing director at GFORCE Sportswear, gives her view on this printwear favourite.

The polo shirt is such a classic garment. It’s multi-purpose, versatile and smart and with the addition of modern technical fabrics there have been clear advancements in breathability and durability with the added bonus of being lightweight which is a great benefit.

The polo shirt style does lend itself to sportswear where it looks great paired with shorts, trousers and skorts. This makes it ideal for teams and clubs including school sportswear and uniforms. But let’s not forget active workwear for professionals such as physiotherapists, podiatrists and vets who are looking for a neat, stylish item that also works well for the wearer during a busy day at work.

Dye sublimation or cut and sew variations with embroidery also allow for the item to be personalised with any type of pattern, logo or image which we are finding is increasingly popular for schools, corporate branding and sports clubs – so they can build their own identity and look.


Overall, thinking of the likes of Fred Perry and Lacoste who have been trailblazers for the polo shirt over the years, I just think the polo shirt is so popular because it’s a fashion and sporting classic that suits multiple markets.

Here at GFORCE, our Strata cut and sew polo shirt in Microforce fabric is the most popular, closely followed by Meteor design. We put this down to the classic design of both styles. Most customers opt for two to three colours, but the beauty of these styles is that different panels within the shirt can be different colours, offering a greater level of customisation, choice and flexibility in the design. They really are one of the most versatile garments and so popular for good reason.

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