A big opportunity

Trousers and shorts present a big opportunity for embroiderers. Jas Purba, managing director of ETC Supplies, provides his top tips so you can capitalise.

Embroidery on trousers and shorts is a big opportunity for you. Not only are the pockets larger which makes it easy to frame up and get this onto your machine but you have the added opportunity to embroider onto the flaps of the pockets as well.

During the summer many more people wear shorts and this is an ideal product to embroider. You can embroider the side and back pockets of shorts an trousers or the flaps which is more stylish now days.

The easiest way to frame up the pockets and flaps is to use the EMS Hooptech Clamping system. This clamp fits into your machine just like your standard frames. The difference is that you take your product to embroider to your machine and attach it there.

EMS Hooptech produces the ICTCS clamping system in two variants, ICTCS1 and ICTCS2. Each of these takes different size windows. You can buy the chassis and then add on whatever size of window you want to use at a later time. This product is also available for Brother PR machines the only difference is that on PR machines the chassis is fixed to the back rail of your machine.

The ICTCS clamping system on a Brother PR machine

Many companies already use the clamping system including Harrods as it is very strong and the item being embroidered will not fall out. You can also use the clamping system for embroidering caps and bags. When using the clamping system on pockets or flaps the garment does not have to be all the way in. Using a stiff backing, the clamp works very well as the fabric is held in three places. Some heavy weight fabrics will embroider better with less wear and tear on your machine if you apply a fabric lubricant like Fablube.

The EMS Hooptech Clamping system has become very popular for PR machines. It is very easy to use and you don’t have to buy the whole system in one go. You can start up with just chassis, the bracket one window, you can add on the different size of windows as if you need them.

Happy embroidering!

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