A bespoke garment facility that is all about you

Create an image that’s yours

Orn’s bespoke facility enables you to create your own garments and choose pretty much everything  giving you the chance to create an image that is yours from the way the garment looks, the fabric, the colours, the design and labelling, from as little as 500 pieces per garment depending on the item.

Using Orn’s many years of experience in design and manufacturing you can bring your ideas to life and be involved in the exciting experience of the manufacturing journey, where you are taken all the way from the cotton field to the finished garment.

You will see that the quality is monitored very closely at every stage of the complex, cutting edge spinning, knitting and weaving processes and how Orn takes great pride in making sure that you and your customers can rely on them to consistently deliver projects on time and to budget, using specially selected ethical factories that they have used for many years.


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