25 years and still counting

SWF Dual Function

2020 is a special year for the team at YES Ltd because they will be celebrating 25 years of serving the embroidery, and more recently, the print industry which in these here today, gone tomorrow, throw away days, we live in is quite a story.

In a quarter of a century the company has grown from a make shift office and warehouse, to become a multi-million-pound international supplier and developer of machines, technology and equipment from its Mansfield, Nottinghamshire base.

SWF embroidery machines

The company has evolved through the years, taking on many differing product lines, possibly the most important being the acquisition of the distribution rights for SWF embroidery machines.

Little known in those days, but destined to become a world leading supplier of this type of equipment. For many years YES Ltd has worked closely with SWF, advising and helping to develop for instance, the world’s only patented Dual Function Tubular multi-head embroidery machines. These exceptional premium machines, can embroider two completely different patterns and/or garments at the same time!

Imagine the flexibility and benefits this offers, multi-tasking is a breeze, with up to 25% more production for free!

The YES team don’t just accept success… They actively drive it, ensuring they always have a solid base from which to support their customers. They weren’t, for instance, content with just selling machinery. They wanted to be involved in the development side of the action after all, who better to represent embroiderers than a company who has more years of experience in the industry than any other UK supplier.


DTG and UV digital printing solutions

It was this interest in development that led to YES becoming involved in advancing what was then brand-new technology – direct to garment and UV printing. The M2/ M6 and QM4/8, DTG industrial machines quickly established themselves, as the most advanced, cost effective, apparel printing solutions, being able to print on to a wide range of garments at a fraction of traditional solutions.

Print direct on to T shirts, hoodies, tea towels, mouse matts, bags, jeans, cloth panels and more, the best DTG printers on the market!

These are the only machines on the market that use WIMS white ink management system and IQ Interweave both of which reduce cost and increase productivity. IQ Interweave is particularly interesting as it allows designs to be printed at lower resolution, and therefore faster, without the usual problem of banding. Since the introduction of the first DTG Digital machines this range of capital equipment has included many ground-breaking features that have become a standard part of the technique.

Compress UV range

UV printing

Wouldn’t it be great to have a printer that could print onto just about any stable surface you can think of?  Well, you can. With the Compress iUV350s, 600s and 1200s you can print onto wood, metal, glass, plastic, labels, signs, packaging, leather, fabrics – the list goes on and on.

Compress iUV are designed and built to last, with an all steel industrial construction, the print head features 1440 nozzles which are capable of superb quality, delivering a minimum picolitre drop of just 3.5Ng for ultra-fine dot placement. Having six channels means that you can step outside of the standard CYMK set by adding white and clear and when set up in this mode these machines can deliver bright vibrant prints at remarkable speed. Each ink colour is delivered via a 250ml pressurised ink tank giving even distribution so print No. 100 looks the same as print No. 1.

25 years of continued success

One of the key reasons for the success of YES Ltd though is the commitment it shows to service and to its customers. The ground rules for service and support are the same today as they were in Roy Burton’s small home office.

Nowadays though there are more people to deliver them. The ethos that was developed in those early days has stayed at the root of the company. Roy and the team expect first class service from their suppliers so it is only right that they supply the same to their clientele. Quality, service and value for money form the tripodic support of this company which is, in turn, reflected in the way it supports its customers.

It is difficult for Roy to believe that next year will be 25 years of YES Ltd. Time’s gone so quickly and, to quote Roy: “It only seems like yesterday that we were a startup business. Here’s to the next 25.”

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