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alternate-fabricsDo you know that an embroidered logo may look different when stitched on to different fabrics?

Embroidery looks much better on fabrics like twill, canvas, nylon and most outerwear.

When logos for these fabrics are digitised they don’t normally need too much underlay or too many fill stitches to maintain the integrity of the design.

On the other hand, soft fabrics like rayon and cotton (shirts) need different density and underlay settings.

At the same time, stitches will sink into high pile fabrics like woollen jumpers, polar fleece, terry towels and hoodies.

A filled crest design digitised for a cotton polo shirt with a thin border may look gappy and the border might not fill the area when it is sewn on to a woollen jumper.

Netdigitizing thinks outside of the box and always tries to implement solutions that will benefit customers. The company has a unique order form where the customer can order a design and choose two different fabric versions. Thereby getting an additional version of the same stitch file that’s properly tweaked for the alternate fabric.

The online order form can be accessed after signing up on

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