Over 1,000 fashion brands and retailers respond to #whomademyclothes?

‘Sparking a fashion revolution’
‘Sparking a fashion revolution’

American Apparel and Zara are among more than 1,000 fashion brands and retailers that responded to Fashion Revolution’s #whomademyclothes? challenge.

During Fashion Revolution Week (April 18 to 24) over 70,000 fashion lovers around the world asked brands #whomademyclothes?. Of the 1,000 companies that responded with #imadeyourclothes, 300 are global fashion brands.

Carry Somers, director of Fashion Revolution said: “Together we have truly sparked a Fashion Revolution, both online and in the real world. Our collective voice is getting stronger and stronger. And in 2017 we want to ignite an even bigger global conversation about what we wear and the stories behind our clothes – from the people who make them, the companies that sell them, to how we wear, care and dispose of them.”

Orsola de Castro, director of Fashion Revolution said: “We believe that asking who made my clothes is a powerful question. It makes you think about your clothes in a different way. It pushes companies to consider the people working in their supply chains. When we hear from farmers, producers, factory workers and makers saying I made your clothes, it’s equally as powerful. It gives the world a chance to recognise and celebrate their hard work and skills.”

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