Trotec Laser unveils new large format entry-level laser cutter

The R500

The R500 large format entry-level laser cutter is the latest produst to join Trotec Laser’s portfolio.

It joins the Rayjet desktop laser engraver as part of the entry-level range from Trotec. Featuring a DC CO2 laser source and a 1300x900mm working area, it is designed for processing large format materials in small to medium production quantities or simple laser cutting and engraving applications.

The R500 is capable of processing acrylics and woods up to 15mm, and other common materials such as paper and textiles. The ergonomic design makes loading and unloading easy, while the large viewing pane allows for effortless viewing of the job in progress.

As standard, the R500 comes with a high powered 100W DC CO2 laser source, which is ideal for laser cutting jobs where speed is important. An alternative laser source, a 60W Ceramicore source model is also available, offering improved engraving results during processing.

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