The weird and the wonderful

The summer months in the world of media are often referred to as the silly season, so here is our own take on the most bizarre garment related stories we have found online recently.

First up is the optical illusion T shirt from Japanese brand ekoD Works. It has been designed to give wearers the illusion of a bigger bust.

As a nation Japan is known for its weird and wonderful inventions and this T shirt is one of the latest products to emerge. The cotton top uses distortion and clever shading to manipulate perspective and make breasts look larger if you’re looking at the chest head on.

As the photos show, the illusion doesn’t work from side on or if the wearer is lying flat.

According to, Japanese vendor Village Vanguard, which will be selling the T shirt later in the year, describes the item as a T shirt that ‘realises a delusional world that people are envisioning secretly.

We don’t think this is a product you’ll see available from the distributors in the printwear market any time soon.


The next product is not quite as bizarre, more eye-opening – a T shirt that changes colour to reflect pH water balance which is used as a physical representation of climate change.

Chemically-reactive fashion brand The Unseen partnered with The Lost Explorer to create the T shirt to coincide with World Environment Day on Monday, June 5.

The cotton and hemp shirts scoured in red cabbage, reflect the acidic and alkaline values found in local water. Ocean acidification and acid raid are both products of climate change. The ocean absorbs much of the heat from excess CO2 in the atmosphere and, in the process, the chemical composition of seawater changes. When carbon dioxide is mixed with water, it creates carbonic acid. The presence of carbonic acid kick starts a process that lowers the pH of the ocean, making it more acidic. This has a dramatic effect on marine organisms, including oysters, clams, corals and plankton. When these organisms begin to dwindle, the whole marine ecosystem begins to shift.

While humans have a higher tolerance to pH changes, we aren’t immune to its effects. It can do irreversible damage to skin and organ lining if it drops to a pH of below 2.5, whereas a value of greater than 11 can cause eye and skin irritation.

Red cabbage juice contains anthocyanin and can be used as a pH indicator, turning red, pink or magenta in acids, purple in neutral solutions and ranges from blue to green to yellow in alkaline solutions. This provides a physical representation of the differences in ocean acidity.

This T shirt will hopefully open peoples’ eyes to the effects of climate change currently happening all around us.

Virtually indestructible

And finally we bring you the 100 Year Hoodie. Outdoor apparel brand Vollebak has created a new hoodie that is virtually indestructible.

The company put the garment through a series of tests, including dragging it behind a truck, hitting it with sparks from an angle grinder and using a blowtorch to dry it out. In each case, no damage was done to the hoodie, thanks to the unique composition of fabrics used to create it.

The hoodie is made almost completely from Kevlar, the super-tough synthetic fibre that is used in such things as body armour and racing sails. The material is durable and lightweight, with the added bonus of being five times stronger than steel. It can also withstand temperatures as low as -200°C or as high as 300°C.

To remain comfortable to wear, the Kevlar was spun into a knit material. The result is a hoodie that looks just like any other, but is built to withstand as many as 2,000 washes, 4,000 wears and 100 accidents before it needs replacing. The hoodie is understandably quite pricey compared to regular hoodies, but this one should last a lifetime.

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