The new Aeoon Kyo Hybrid Series is the first combination screen and digital textile printing machine

The new Kyo Hybrid printer from Aeoon

Available from Q3, the new Aeoon Kyo Hybrid Series contains both a screen printing unit and a DTG unit, allowing decorators to screen print white ink without pretreatment before applying a DTG print.

The Hybrid Add-On screen printing unit has an integrated, industrial flash curing unit, while the Kyo DTG unit is designed for mass production and produces pin-sharp prints at 600dpi. It is available with two or three pallets, and four, eight or 12 print heads. Pallets can be changed for different applications.

The screen printing unit fits onto the back of the DTG printer, allowing for screen printing, DTG printing or a combination of both methods.

It is estimated that the machine has a top speed of 1,280 prints an hour when running at full capacity.

And like all Aeoon machines, the Kyo Hybrid Series can be adapted to suit individual company needs.

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