The name says it all

DRAWings Pro (8)
DRAWings Pro (8)

Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd), the name says it all really. If you want embroidery hardware or software then YES Ltd should be your first stop.

Having worked closely with world leading manufacturer SWF the company includes a wide range of machines in its catalogue. In fact the SWF range is recognised as one of the most varied on the market with a machine to suit most needs. From compact single head models to massive multi-head high production units, the choice is incredible. SWF, of course, was the company that developed the Holy Grail of embroidery – a machine that can embroider two different patterns and/or products at the same time. This offers a particular advantage as no other manufacturer can compete with this unique facility. You would think that designing a six head that can operate as one or two machines would be enough for them but they have taken this to another level by combining the Dual Function machine with the high speed DM resulting in a machine that not only offers amazing flexibility but also operates at speeds that are welcome to any embroiderer.

Of course to get the best out of the machine you need the best software and, here, YES Ltd win again. The latest version of the ever popular DRAWings Pro (8) includes a whole host of new features. This software was the first of its kind when it was launched many years ago and they have maintained that uniqueness to this day. A completely modular system it allows you to build a program that suits your individual needs without paying for lots of ‘bells and whistles’ that are, more than likely, unnecessary.

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