The Cotton Textile Company supports SNAP

This year, The Cotton Textile Company has chosen to support SNAP, a charity that supports families with children and young people who have any special need or disability.

The charity’s vision is to provide a safe environment offering a wide range of support and specialist services with the aim to increase resilience and empowerment within families.

As a team that has all the benefits that are created by living in a stable environment, TCTC wanted to give something back and to support a charity that benefited children in some way. SNAP not only supports children but also benefits the families who tirelessly care for kids with needs.

As part of TCTC’s fundraising, members of the team will be competing in a variety of sports events:

  • The Brentwood Half Marathon on March 17
  • The Nuclear Races mud and obstacle 12k run on May 18
  • Southend Half Marathon on June 9

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