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M2 and CompressPrinting is a key part of the promotions industry and for those involved in the production of goods for this market Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) is the key supplier as it is the only company that can supply machinery across the range of decorative methods.

Well known for embroidery YES Ltd is equally renowned for supplying the world leading DTG Digital direct to garment printing machines. Together the two companies have been at the forefront of this industry for many years and have been jointly responsible for developing some of the common techniques we take for granted today. It is because they have led and not followed that they have the ability to spot changing trends and it was this foresight that was the driving force for the M Series machines. The first of these, the M2, represented a massive step forward in this technology as it was, and still is, a machine that bridges the gap between the usual ‘small order’ market and the bulk supply industry more usually handled by screen printing. The M2 effectively gives you increased print area and productivity whilst maintaining the flexibility of digital print that has been the keystone of this growing trade.

T shirts, however, are not the only major item used in the promotions industry. We have all at some point had, for instance, a paperweight or a USB Stick  with a company or product logo. The ‘hard surface’ products form a major part of the promotions market but cannot easily be printed on the direct to garment machines. Even if the inks are capable there are still the problems of size and transport. This is where machines like the Compress UV600 come into play. This new machine from YES Ltd uses UV inks to securely print direct onto a variety of hard surface products. As with the DTG Digital range, this is a digital machine and so offers the same flexibility where individual designs are concerned. Effectively it gives you the same control over the print as M2 does allowing you to produce bulk quantities in units of one at no extra set up cost.

On their own these machines stand up well against the opposition in their particular markets but put them together and you have a production facility that can satisfy most of the demand for promotional items. With the M2 and the Compress UV 600 you can always say yes to the questions “Can you print a ….?”

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