T shirts for all seasons

Atwood T shirt

Perfect for layering, the Atwood T shirt from Dickies Workwear provides comfort, warmth and protection, making it especially ideal for colder months.

Designed to be tight fitting, the Atwood forms part of Dickies’ thermal baselayer range, but the iconic Dickies logo and contrasting seam stitching make it a stylish option in its own right. Available in black, with grey detail, the T shirt is easy to co-ordinate with other items from the Dickies range.

Particularly ideal for company uniforms, Dickies’ selection also includes a plain crew neck T shirt available in eight colours – including royal blue, bottle green and burgundy – which is easy to print or embroider with a company logo. The comfortable fit and high cotton content make the shirt a practical option, especially during the summer months when T shirts become a useful addition to many tradesmen’s wardrobes.


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