Introducing the new T-Apparel from Dekken

The T-Apparel

The Dekken T-Apparel is the latest machine added to MHM Direct GB’s product range.

This specialised textile folding machine provides the perfect solution for folding and stacking all kinds of apparel, such as T shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, trousers, etc. The machine can handle both short sleeves as well as long sleeves.

It offers high output without any compromise on folding quality, the in-feed conveyor can be switched between three running modes: automatic, push button or continuous running.

The T-Apparel also has an integrated quality stop feature. With this feature, the item to be folded will make an additional stop for quality-correction before the actual folds are made. This feature is very helpful for very long, difficult to feed and/or complicated garments.

The machine was shown in the UK for the first time at Printwear & Promotion LIVE! earlier in the year.

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