SWF stronger than ever

swf_stronger_than_ever_image18 months ago, or thereabouts, the embroidery industry was under the impression that Sunstar, manufacturers of SWF embroidery machines, was being taken over by DIC (a leading Korean manufacturer of car parts). All looked good with the takeover set to go ahead until the Korean equivalent of the Monopolies and Mergers Commission (M & M C) stepped in.

As with most governmental organisations it wasn’t felt (by them) that an explanation was required but it was generally thought that it was not the embroidery machine manufacturing that gave them cause for concern but rather the sewing machine side as this may have presented a monopolistic situation. It would be easy to think that this hold up was, at the least, an inconvenience but, as things turned out, it was manna from heaven as it opened up other opportunities – enter Mobase. But who, you may ask, is Mobase?

Well they are an extremely large international company heavily involved in the electronics industry and a major supplier to Samsung. This company obviously saw a lot of potential in acquiring SWF as it made an increased offer over that made by DIC. Indeed it was an offer that SWF could not resist but there was still a question mark hanging over everything courtesy of the M & M C. Thankfully this organisation came to the conclusion that all was well and that the takeover could go ahead. In effect this means that SWF is now owned by Mobase giving the company increased security and access to one of the largest technology companies in the world. In fact Mobase is truly global and employ thousands of people worldwide. As a technology based company it is likely that the unique developments made by SWF such as the Dual Function machines and the new KN series played a big part in the company’s interest.

The upside for Sunstar (SWF) and all its customers worldwide is that the company is now one of the strongest in the world giving increased security and longevity for the brand, the distributors and, most importantly, the tens of thousands of users worldwide. SWF is a brand exclusive to YES Ltd and you can see them all at Printwear and Promotion LIVE! 2016.

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