What sets Permaset Inks apart from the pack?

T shirt printed with Permaset Supercover inks (designed by Wasted Heroes Streetwear of Liverpool)

Colormaker Industries manufactures a range of water-based textile inks, and ink for screen printing onto other substrates, that offers superior performance and eliminates the trade-off between printability performance on the screen and the performance of the finished product.

  • Permaset inks are high quality products developed for both commercial screen printers and art and craft users alike, available in many sizes to suit small and large users.
  • The Permaset range includes Permaset Aqua inks for printing on fabrics and textiles, Permatone fabric inks which can be mixed to match 950 PMS colours, and Permaprint Premium inks for printing on substrates such as paper, cardboard, many plastics, wood, Styrofoam and more.
  • 100% solvent free, water-based and low odour, and therefore so much safer for printers and artists to work with than solvent based products.
  • Environmentally friendly products which don’t harm the environment.
  • Fabrics printed with Permaset inks have unsurpassed softness and are comfortable to wear. They do not exhibit a ‘hard print’ feel.
  • Once cured – prints are rub, wash and dry-clean resistant.
  • Enhanced screen stability, and unparalleled adhesion to the fabric/substrate.
  • Large range of colours including glows, metallics and process colours.
  • Permaset has an excellent SUPERCOVER range for printing directly onto dark fabrics and T shirts. Many screen printers say Permaset’s Supercover White is the best in the world.
  • Easy and safe to clean up with water.
  • Permaset Aqua Process Colours and the Permatone range have been granted the approval of the Soil Association of the UK.
  • Permaset offers a Permatone ink range which is a colour management set designed for colour matching. The system can produce facsimiles of 950 PMS colours. This range has been granted approval by the Soil Association in the UK, and is excellent for printing baby clothes, underwear, swimwear and T shirts.

This 100% solvent free range is environmentally friendly. The pigments provide intense, vibrant colour, rich in coverage and deliver exceptional colour yield. The unique polymer binding the pigment to the fabric delivers exceptionally soft handle and yet shows excellent resistance to damage by rub, wash and dry-cleaning, all without the need for additives. The ink colours have light-fastness ratings of at least 6/8 on the Blue Wool scale – in fact most of the colours received ratings of 8/8.

These inks are distributed in the UK by Steve Wood Services.


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