Seeing is believing

yes_showroomThe team at Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) has been on a drive lately to fill its all new bespoke showroom with machinery. After all what’s the point of having a purpose built extra-large showroom if you cannot use it to show off the incredibly diverse range of machinery on offer.

As a company YES Ltd made its name supplying and supporting the embroidery industry but over the past 10 years or so it has also been offering the same expert service to direct to garment printers and, more recently, to other styles of printing including promotional and label production. Such a wide range of products presents a difficult, but welcome, problem – how do you show them all to your customers? The simple answer, have more space! Those in business however will know that this is not a magic wand scenario. Space doesn’t just appear, it has to be found and that is exactly what happened with the move to Sovereign House. These new bespoke premises offered exactly what the company was looking for – a large purpose developed space with plenty of room to show machines to customers. After all you can read about a machine as much as you like but that won’t demonstrate how easy it is to operate and what high quality products it will produce. The only way to see that is to go and get first-rate hands-on experience of the machine and that is exactly what YES Ltd has put together at Sovereign House. On a single site you can see the full range of embroidery machinery from SWF and Ricoma, direct to garment printing from DTG Digital, promotional product printers from Compress UV, transfer printing from TransSLAM and, the latest arrival, food printers from Icejet.

This latest product shows the diversity on offer from YES Ltd – a company that is always looking for new ideas and products that can make customers more profitable. While food printing may not have been at the top of your hit list it is a process that fits into many arenas such as retail, packaging and promotional (areas that many if not all of you are already  involved in) as well as the more obvious industries such as food outlets and bakeries.

It is said that ‘seeing is believing’. Well, at YES Ltd, that is exactly what you can do. Contact the team now and arrange a visit: or call 01623 863343.

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