See the new Diamondback E at P&P LIVE!

For 2019 the M&R Diamondback series presses will be changed from pneumatic print heads to electric print heads, and will be available in 8/6, 10/8, and 12/10 Models. While the C and XL models will be removed from the product line.

Switching to electric print heads improves the overall print stroke control, leading to better/consistent ink deposit, and overall print quality. Potentiometer speed controls allow operators to set print and flood speeds to exact numbers rather than the randomness of the old pneumatic flow controls. While the side frame holders have been upgraded from the formed steel design of the past, to the standard aluminium extrusion used on M&R’s higher end presses.

The Human Machine Interface has been upgraded to a Proface 5000 series 7.5in display, with newly designed operator interface screens and built in anytime tutorials effectively putting operations manuals at the operator’s fingertips. A new thin-profile swivelling control box beam with multi-angle Control box adjustment makes for easy ergonomic positioning for operators.

Visitors to Printwear & Promotion LIVE! can see this screen print carousel in action on Screen Print World’s stand.

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