Sabur adds DGI FT-1604 sublimation printer to portfolio

Fabrijet DGI FT-1604

Having worked alongside Korean printer manufacturer DGI for the last three years, Sabur has now added the Fabrijet DGI FT-1604 sublimation printer to its portfolio.

Sabur’s portfolio already includes the likes of the DGI FT-3204X, DGI FD-1908, DGI FD-1904, DGI HSFT, and DGI HSFT II printers.

The Fabrijet FT series of printers from DGI were the first printers in the world available with state-of-the-art, industrial, Panasonic print heads.

The DGI FT-1604 is the same sublimation printer as its bigger brother, the DGI FT-1608, but has four print heads rather than eight as standard. What users get are all of the industrial features of the 1608, such as the heavy duty take up,light weight paper usage and economical sublimation inks, but also the option at any time to easily upgrade the DGI FT-1604 machine to the DGI FT-1608.

Production speeds are excellent too – with true production print speeds of up to 56sq m/per hour and upgraded production speeds of up to 112sq m/per hour.

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