Reflective roll-top backpack shines in more ways than one


BagBase always creates exciting products that mix fun, fashion and practicality, and its new Reflective Roll-Top Backpack (BG138) is no exception.

With a sleek design, this carefully developed style uses a reflective, powder-coated fabric for added wow-factor. Technical fabrics are in-demand right now, in response to the athletic sportswear craze that has taken high end fashion and streetwear by storm. Minimal detailing and a clean silhouette give this backpack a styling that’s definitely contemporary – a great balance between the fashionable urban-cyclist trend and high-performance aesthetics.

The backpack is available in two colours: reflective silver for maximum attention, or reflective black for those who prefer something more understated.

Decorators and resellers are well taken care of too, as the pack’s generous surface is easy to embellish and a TearAway label makes rebranding quick and simple.

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