Putting sportswear fabrics into headwear fashion


The exciting use of innovative fabrics is a common theme in many Beechfield products.

Beechfield’s Spacer Marl Stretch-Fit Cap (B676) and Morf Spacer Marl (B901) are no exception, and both share an eye-catching spacer marl pattern inspired by popular dry-fit and athleisure products within retail.

With a pre-curved peak and structured front panel, the cap also uses a special stretch-fit fabric to give an exceptionally comfortable and unrestricted fit. The spacer marl pattern perfectly complements the cap’s sporty aesthetic, while a closed-back construction is another great area for decorators.

The Morf shares the technical spacer marl pattern and also comes in the same five bold colourways; great for coordinating the two or cross-selling if you’re a retailer.

Like every Beechfield Morf, versatility is key, and this one can be worn as a scarf, headband or multi-layered beanie, making it an essential item all year round.


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