Pushing accessories to machines

SEIT SL10 Textile Bridge Laser Series

Following on from a successful 2018, 2019 is set to be another record year for AJS Embroidery Services.

AJS plans to carry on and push accessories to machines following the success of 2018.

The SEIT SL10 Textile Bridge Laser Series, now installed as a full time demonstration unit at AJS headquarters in Nottingham, incorporates a CO² textile laser on a galvanometric (scanning) head and a custom length bridge beam and provides working (cutting) fields of 300x300mm or 500x500mm.

With a fluid movement of the laser beam at 2.5m/second, the SEIT SL10 is engineered for maximum throughput and reliability. The water-cooling system eliminates the extensive maintenance and cool-down time associated with the air-cooled systems found on other brands. It all adds up to production rates up to four times faster than other systems.

The bridge laser is available in custom sizes. C shaped supports keep the beam length free of obstructions to accommodate virtually any size or combination of embroidery machines with minimal floor space. It is easily expandable and works with all brands of multi-head embroidery machines.

The bridge laser is professionally installed by AJS staff who are Factory-Certified Technicians. Both the bridge beam and laser head are carefully aligned to your individual machinery. The laser’s cutting focus is calibrated to nine points throughout the cutting field on each individual embroidery head.

The bridge laser also provides real-time remote support via the internet. Laser functions can be controlled, diagnosed and updated remotely in a matter of minutes.

The Coloreel unit

Instant thread colouring

The Coloreel system is coming soon to AJS’ showroom.

This ground-breaking thread colouring unit will change the business of industrial embroidery by instantly colouring a white base thread during the embroidery production. Coloreel enables complete freedom to create unique embroideries without any limitations in the use of colours.

The product launch of Coloreel’s instant thread colouring unit and the included colourisation software, Coloreel Studio, got a curious and overwhelming reception at Avantex in September. Over a thousand visitors came by the Coloreel stand to learn more.

Joakim Staberg, founder and innovator at Coloreel, said: “Finally, after many years and so much hard work, we have now launched our first product. The market response is exceptional.”

The Coloreel unit will bring the embroidery industry to a new level.

Coloreel provides the possibility of making fantastic embroideries with amazing quality. Customers will be able to create new unique embroideries that no one has seen before.

The unit offers improved logistics because customers will only need one thread, but can get unlimited colours. Embroidery production speed will increase for producers with no trims needed for the colour changes.

Coloreel reduces waste of resources by only producing the thread you need and minimising water usage.

Mattias Nordin, CEO at Coloreel added: “We have the whole package, a unit that colours thread instantly in a more sustainable way and a colourisation tool to create amazing embroidery designs. It is now clear; we will truly revolutionise the whole embroidery industry.”

Shipping of the Coloreel units to customers in Europe will start at the beginning of 2019.The next step for Coloreel is to broaden the distribution in a very quality assured and service-oriented way. The product launch of the instant thread colouring unit was a clear indication that the whole world is longing for this product.


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