KT Labels introduces new Magic Labels

The Magic Label on a sock

After months of research, KT Labels presents its latest breakthrough in label technology – Magic Labels.

These labels can be ironed on to almost any garment. They are especially suitable for items of clothing that in the past have not been easily able to be identified, such as socks, swimwear and sports tops made of stretchy materials. Socks are one item that normal iron-on labels have difficulty adhering to due to their stretchiness, but this label works.

The label bonds with the material and stretches with the material that they are applied to without coming off. So with socks the label stretches to the size of the wearer’s feet.

They come in rolls of around 500 labels and measure 44x16mm.

These labels can only be printed with KT Label’s TSC and SOLO thermal transfer printers so can be printed one colour at a time. They are not suitable for printing using earlier thermal transfer printers or KT Label’s Epson full-colour printer.

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