The InnoPrinter – A revolution in garment printing

The InnoPrinter semi-automatic transfer presses are currently in use by some of the world’s largest fashion houses, high-street retailers and sportswear manufacturers; a true endorsement of the machine’s reliability and print quality.

The industry-leading continuous roll system makes it simple to apply high quality, six colour ink transfers to a broad range of textiles in fractions of a second. There are no wet inks or screens involved and garments are ready instantly without the need for pre-treatment or curing.

The optical and laser registration systems work in tandem to guarantee the perfect placement of prints time and time again – offering a print efficiency unrivalled by any other decoration process.

The InnoPrinter presents a real alternative to traditional time consuming print methods, enabling you to increase your production capacity, while dramatically reducing your production costs.

The low production cost can even be maintained for small volumes, with ink transfers available from InnoPrinter (UK) as little as 50 prints at a time. All ink transfers are Oeko-Tex approved and are successfully wash tested for over 100 washes.

One real stand-out feature of the technology is the ability to print directly onto dark coloured and sublimated fabrics, as well as those typically prone to dye migration. The special ink formulation has excellent elasticity performance and doesn’t crack, flake or peel in the way screen and vinyl printing may do.

As the exclusive InnoPrinter dealer here in the UK, InnoPrinter (UK) is pleased to offer on-site machine demonstrations and free artwork design services from its Hertfordshire based offices.

You have to see it to believe it, so book your free on-site demonstration now!

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