Individuality and culture

As urban wear is underpinned by individuality and the bringing together of culture and lifestyle, it seems a perfect partner for those in the decoration and personalisation business.

The oversized bling, baggy jeans and trainers as associated with the early urban days haven’t completely gone, but developed into a look which may have roots in music but is now an eclectic mix of all sorts of influences.

The new breed of customer; the online retailers and independent own- labels are seeking appropriate bases for their urban wear design ideas; garments that can be personalised and made relevant to their needs.

Mantis, like urban wear, isn’t about catwalk trends or the keeping up with the latest must-have shapes. Its place isn in the design and supply of garments that folk will be proud to wear; not worn once or twice then discarded due to poor quality or because it’s so last season.

Understanding that fashion is fleeting and style has substance, the team aims to provide customers with well developed, well considered shapes that are retail-ready and street-credible. And, as one of the first to introduce tear off labels as standard, the potential for total personalisation has never been so easy to attain.

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