GS UK’s barcode feature for Merlin Pro Machines

A latest development in the Merlin Pro Industrial Embroidery Machine range supplied by GS UK is a design retrieval barcode feature. The system employs the principles of Poka-Yoke, a Japanese term meaning ‘mistake proofing’, a mechanism that helps an equipment operator avoid mistakes. The barcode feature is a perfect example of Poka-Yoke as it prevents incorrect designs being loaded and embroidered onto garments in error.

Using a handheld barcode scanner fitted to the embroidery machine it is possible to scan in a barcode that has been printed onto a production job/run sheet and automatically load that design into the Merlin Pro machine. This accuracy of design retrieval coupled with speed ensures the barcode feature is a valuable addition to both large and small businesses.

Ethos Software Version 17 update

GS UK’s Ethos Embroidery Software has the barcoded job/run sheet facility automatically included in the latest Version 17 update. Alongside this feature Version 17 also includes new stitch patterns, editing and text tools plus five new satin stitch fonts. The ripple stitch and piping stitch patterns offer a different dimension to your embroidery designs.

For further information on the Merlin Pro Embroidery machines or the Ethos Embroidery Software contact sales on 0115 8448000 or email

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