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Regatta Professional has launched a new workwear brand called Tactical Threads. Billed as a workwear collection that bridges the gap between style and performance, Jemma Millward marketing assistant, provides an insight into this new brand on the printwear scene.

Q. Firstly, can you tell our readers in a nutshell what Tactical Threads is?

A. Tactical Threads is our new, innovative line of workwear that has been designed with both great performance and style in mind. We really wanted to elevate the options that tradesmen have available to them when it comes to choosing their work attire. We have created a brand that combines quality hardwearing pieces with styles people actually want to wear and all at an affordable price.

Q. What is the reasoning behind the name?

A. We believe that workers in the trade industry are constantly making informed strategic decisions when it comes to their job. The clothes that they wear should receive the same level of consideration. Our new line has been created to be appropriate, efficient and tactical whether you are working on the builder’s yard or heading out for drinks at the end of a long day. With Tactical Threads you will never feel underprepared or underdressed.

Q. What was the driving force behind the creation of this stylish workwear collection?

A. We felt that there was a definite gap in the market for a workwear range that customers not only trusted but felt good wearing. Our aim was to bridge this gap providing affordable, quality workwear attire.

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Q. What garments can our readers find within the collection?

A. There are a range of trousers available depending on what level of protection you need. You can also get your hands on T shirts, jackets, hoodies and bodywarmers as well as a specially designed range of high- visibility clothing that meets key safety standards.

Q. And what about accessories or footwear?

A. Yes we have got wearers covered there as well! We have introduced four new worksafe boots and shoes all made from hardwearing materials and oil resistant soles, fitted with either steel toe caps or composite toe caps for added protection. We have also created compatible socks, kneepads and a belt so that you can feel confident that your workwear is fully secure.

Q. Is there anything unique or special about the fabric composition, the construction or the garment technology utilised in the collection? And what are the reasons for their use?

A. We are very excited to introduce ID Reflection (Intelligent Directional Reflection) which features prominently throughout the high-vis section of the range. The idea being that the chevrons will indicate to any potential passersby which direction the wearer is facing and moving in. When the wearer is moving towards you (forward facing) the chevrons are pointing downwards and when moving away (backwards facing) they are pointing upwards. This is a great safety feature while working in dark conditions to alert others of your presence.

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We are also happy to announce that our high-vis products have passed the EN343 waterproof safety rating and the EN ISO 20471 safety rating for high visibility which means that our wearers can have total confidence in the garments. There are also various safety ratings for each of our footwear styles which can we found clearly marked up in our brochure.

Q. Who would you say this collection is aimed at?

A. This collection is aimed at any tradesmen looking for quality workwear that bridges the gap between style and performance. We envisage this range being purchased for personal wear or for teams that not only want to look good but feel confident in their kit.

Q. Does this range cater for the larger gentleman?

A. This range runs from size S to XXXL covering a wide selection of body types. We wanted to create a brand that was all inclusive and feel we have achieved this.

Q. What would you say differentiates Tactical Threads from the Regatta Hardwear collection?

A. Where Hardwear was a traditional workwear collection, Tactical Threads focuses heavily on reflecting everyday styles within a range also designed for maximum performance. We also cannot ignore the fact that naturally with time technologies and expectations continue to improve and grow. In this sense Tactical Threads is a brand at the top of its game.

Q. And what about other workwear brands within the printwear market?

A. We feel that Tactical Threads is really paving the way for a new style of workwear that hasn’t previously been seen by other brands. It is clothing that people of all ages would be proud to wear during both working hours and in social situations.

Q. What decoration techniques would you recommend for garments within the collection?

A. Our products come already branded however additional branding is entirely at the consumers discretion. We advise customers speak to their sales advisors regarding which branding type is most suitable for the garment.

Q. And what about branding? Where would you suggest a company logo be placed for maximum effect?

A. With the exception of the high-vis pieces, there are lots of options for garment branding. Depending on the item and the information you would like to put on you may wish to brand chest panels, arm panels and back panels which can be very effective ways of showcasing logos.

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Q. What marketing materials do you provide for garment decorators who would like to promote this collection within their own retail unit or print shop?

A. We can definitely provide eshots and web banners for an online presence as well as a full range of POS for physical stores. Speak to your customer sales manager and we would be happy to advise what materials will work best for your space.

Q. And finally, when can garment decorators get their hands on this collection?

A. The majority of the collection will be available in stock from late July.

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