Eye-catching fluorescent inks enhance appeal of new Mimaki TS30-1300

Mimaki’s TS30-1300 1.3m dye sublimation printer is now available for viewings and demonstrations in Hybrid Services’ Cheshire showroom.

Hybrid’s textile product manager, Brett Platt, said: “The entry level TS30-1300’s arrival offers true wide format production dye sublimation at a new and much lower price point. It provides everything we’ve come to expect from Mimaki’s high print and build quality for a new audience.”

Of particular interest is its configuration with yellow and pink fluorescent inks, as Mr Platt continued: “We now have the option of fluorescent inks for the TS30-1300, and the demo unit at our showroom in Cheshire has been commissioned with neon pink and yellow to demonstrate the eye-catching opportunities fluoro inks afford. The extraordinary shades achievable using these inks makes them ideal for the production of dancewear and event branding and we’re keen to show this off to potential purchasers.”

Value and vibrancy can be added to bespoke, quality products by using neon inks and offer the additional safety feature of enhancing visibility to sports garments. Mimaki’s yellow and pink neon inks are ideal for including in designs for cycling kits, swimsuits and gymnastics apparel.

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