Essential Embroidery invests in automatic screen reclamation system

The automatic screen reclamation system

At the beginning of May a fully automatic screen reclamation system was installed in Essential Embroidery’s Dunstable-based premises.

The purchase of the system from Lotus Holland has completed the investment in the screen printing department’s pre-press area. Previous equipment purchases ensured that the workflow of the screen preparation department was resource efficient and guaranteed repeatable consistent results. This new addition automates the reclamation of screens as they are removed from the machine at the end of a production run, the operator places the dirty used screen onto the car wash type moving belt and the screen is taken into the process, first using a non-volatile drain safe eco-friendly  cleaner to remove any ink residue, the screen then passes  to the next chamber where another drain safe chemical is applied evenly to both sides of the screen to remove the photo  emulsion.

The screen then continues its journey through the self-enclosed machine where two high pressure jet wash nozzles remove the now dissolved emulsion, rubber blades remove any excess water and the screen is now ready to enter the  fully digital screen room to begin the whole process again.

Tony Palmer, production director, said: “The addition of this equipment endorses our commitment to producing the highest quality decorated garments while embracing the latest developments in machinery, systems and chemicals that reduce our impact on the environment by controlling our power consumption, labour usage and chemical output.”

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