Enhanced colour management and simplified workflow

OKI Pro 8432WT

CADlink print software is recognised worldwide as specialising in white toner and ink management.

Michael Chramtchenko, CADlink Technology director of marketing, said: “Digital Factory OKI TT Edition provides a great deal of workflow advantages over print driver solutions and other RIP software options, but where the value really exists is in the automated handling of white toner usage when printing on dark substrates. Not only does it simplify the process a great deal, but it also reduces toner costs and improves the look and feel of transferred graphics.”

Digital Factory OKI TT Edition comes complete with professionally created colour profiles for widely used transfer media as well as providing advanced color management options ensuring the most vibrant colour prints every time. The software also provides streamlined, flexible production workflow support by including production plug-ins for image preparation as well as plug-ins that send jobs directly from design applications as well as supporting every commonly used file format including .pdf.


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