Embroidery on workwear

This month the experts at Madeira UK explore embroidery on workwear, how this presents itself and how you can deal with any requests.

New developments in garment technology will continue to generate challenges for embroiderers as the garments themselves perform to increasingly high standards the fundamental requirements of the fabric changes which may prompt changes in how they respond to embroidering processes.

Whether a large corporate organisation or small club, embroidered clothing can be a useful tool to promote a business and identify the workforce.

The diversity of embroidery makes it the ideal choice for embellishment across a wide range of items from clothing, bags and caps to luxury linens and towels.

Flexible options

Embroidery offers flexibility, the size of a design or logo together with the density, size and number of stitches can all be adjusted to produce a top quality, affordable visual representation of your brand.

As the demand for embroidery on sportswear, outerwear and workwear rises, the demand on threads to perform is also increased.

One of the key factors for successful embroidery is selecting the best thread type for the project.

Workwear in particular requires durability which is where polyester thread is the best choice. It is bleach and chlorine resistant and able to withstand commercial laundering and suitable for stonewashing.

It is important to consider the end use of the embroidered product and do your research around the different thread types, to ensure your choice of thread suits the use of the garment.

Many threads are available for specific uses such as Frosted Matt, designed to maintain colour intensity even after prolonged exposure to sunlight or when the embroidery must meet fire regulations FireFighter or Polyneon FR threads fulfil different levels of safety requirements.

Always look for Oeko-Tex certified products guaranteed to be free from harmful substances.

As the market place becomes increasingly competitive Madeira will continue to support embroiderers in adapting to stay at the forefront of the industry with its technical knowledge ensuring they are able to produce stunning, high quality embroideries every time.

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