Embroidery framing systems that speed up your production

The Fast Clamp

Peter Wright, managing director of Amaya Sales UK takes a look at embroidery framing systems that will not only let you speed up your production, but will also allow you to embroider in those awkward spots.

To retain your customers, you need to be able to offer them everything that is possible i.e. size, positioning and definitely quality. Being able to position embroidery in those difficult spots will set you apart from your competitors.

There are several products in the market that will allow you to be more flexible with your customers and give them what they want.

A new product that as just been released is the Fast Clamp which is a clamping system with a difference. This system offers you different sized arms, small medium and large. The small arms are useful for embroidering on shirt collars, shirt cuffs, shirt pockets etc, the medium arms are ideal for football boots, shoes, canvas boots, dog collars and so on. The large arms are suitable for bags, car arpets, saddle pads, back packs etc.

You can adjust the arms for height and width, slip the product over the lower arms, clamp down and embroider.

The Fast Frame system is another product that allows you to embroidery into those tight spots. This system uses a sticky backing on the underside of the frame on which you would hold the product in place. Fast Frames are ideal for sewing on to sweat bands, back of caps, sleeves, dog collars, gym bags etc.

The Mighty Hoop

Mighty Hoops are a magnetic framing system that takes the strain out of framing a garment. There is no adjustment needed of the frame, the magnet takes care for you. These frames are ideal for any fabric but are especially useful in the framing of large jacket or garments. Although you might think these are more expensive than conventional frames, in the long run they will work out cheaper because they very rarely break. These frames come in all the common sizes and are rectangular or square for more convenience.

Finally, a must in my opinion if you want faster and more accurate framing, is the Hoopmaster system. This allows for framing up garments in the same place every time and with the correct tension of fabric. This is available for all machine makes and fits all common frame sizes.

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