DecoNetwork engages with insider access to latest innovative site design tools

DecoNetwork enjoyed a strong response offering an early-access beta of its latest fully responsive and intuitive site design tools.

Strong responses to early trade show demonstrations and positive reaction from beta-testing clients further fuel the excitement for DecoNetwork’s upcoming update. With the release of the new front-end design tools, DecoNetwork brings a site designer ready to compete with solutions from the wider e-commerce world to its decorator-focused e-commerce and shop management software-as-a-service suite.

Existing DecoNetwork clients and new sign-ups alike can request early access to these tools for hands-on experience with styling their own mobile-friendly, responsive pages for the popular e-commerce solution. With live, immediate update editing of website pages, drag-and-drop additions and editing, and simple, menu-driven configuration all in-page, these tools make creating and maintaining a custom website as easy as it’s ever been for the industry.

This user testing and feedback has been encouraging for the DecoNetwork development team, who have been creating this new solution from scratch over the last two years, completely replacing the current front end.

Project manager Greg Pentland said: “Our updated website editor is a real game-changer; it replaces the existing system with one that’s not only current, but world-class. It’s one of the best platforms for designing a website, period; that’s comparing it to mainstream e-commerce solutions, too. When you compare what we’ve built to our industry competitors, it’s like night and day.”

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