Compress UV printer shows the way

Compress iUV-600sThe Compress iUV-600s may not be a product you are too familiar with but, if you are involved in printing hard surface products such as promotional goods, it is something you really need to get to know.

Nottinghamshire-based Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) has only just launched this machine yet it is already receiving great user reviews. The iUV-600s is an entirely new small footprint flatbed UV LED printer that brings cost effective, on-demand printing to a whole range of different substrates. With this machine you have the ability to print what you want, when you want and onto just about anything you want. It features an industrial print head that used 1440 nozzles to deliver stunning finished prints. It can be configured with up to six colours of CMYK plus white and clear and has a maximum print area of 604x450mm (A2). It also has an adjustable media height of up to 300mm, the highest in its class. In production mode the iUV-600s can deliver up to 100 feet of print per hour giving a productivity to match its quality. The ink is delivered from 250ml pressurised ink tanks giving constant feed to the damper whilst the white ink is recirculated through a filtering system using the unique WIMS system that has proved so successful on the outstanding direct to garment printers from DTG Digital. WIMS isn’t the only thing shared though as both machines also use the patented iQ Interweave firmware. Instead of printing in lines this system prints in waves removing the problem of banding usually seen when printing at low resolution. Put simply iQ Interweave allows you to produce quality prints at low resolution which naturally results in higher productivity.

So what can the iUV-600s print on? Just about anything that will fit on the print bed! Plastic, glass, ceramic, wood, acrylic, metal – the list just goes on and on.

Build quality matches the high specification seen in other parts of this machine. Built in the UK to exacting industrial standards this machine is built to be used and not to stand in the corner looking pretty (which it does by the way) and even includes ink mist extraction.

The Compress iUV-600s is a machine that you need to look at. It can drive a business specifically aimed at the promotions industry or it can supplement a market you already serve such as the sports club sector. Competitively priced with high production figures and outstanding quality makes the Compress iUV-600s a real winner.

For more information about contact YES Ltd on 01623 863343 or visit and follow the Compress UV link.

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