Coloreel and Ricoh enter into partnership

Coloreel’s CEO Mattias Nordin and Tetsuya Morita, general manager of Commercial and Industrial Printing Development Division at Ricoh skae hands on the deal

Coloreel has entered a long-term partnership with Japanese electronics company Ricoh to create the ground-breaking thread colouring unit for the textile industry.

Ricoh will develop and build one of the major sub-systems in the unit, based on the company’s inkjet printing technology and Coloreel’s technology for colourisation.

Coloreel and Ricoh have cooperated for several years, and have now signed the final contracts. This partnership is a joint development effort to revolutionise the textile business, first with the thread colouring unit for the embroidery industry.

Tetsuya Morita, general manager of Commercial and Industrial Printing Development Division at Ricoh, said: “This partnership is a high profile project for us; we see much potential in this product and this industry. We believe in Coloreel and their unique technology.”

The development of the sub-system has taken place with Ricoh’s engineers in Japan and England and with Coloreel’s engineers in Sweden.

Peter Williams, general manager of Commercial and Industrial Printing Business Group at Ricoh, added: “The partnership with Coloreel further demonstrates our commitment to collaboration and pushing boundaries. Combining our history of driving innovation for over 80 years, our commitment to customer needs and intent on becoming the analogue to digital transformation experts in industrial process is enabling us to disrupt this exciting industry.”

The Coloreel technology enables high-quality instant colouring of textile thread while it is in the textile production. The first product to be launched based on this technology is a groundbreaking thread colouring unit that works with any existing industrial embroidery machine. By instantly colouring a white base thread during the embroidery production, Coloreel enables complete freedom to create unique embroideries without any limitations in the use of colours.

Mattias Nordin, CEO at Coloreel, concluded: “It feels amazing that a company like Ricoh, with their dignity and size, chooses to enter this partnership with us. To have Ricoh as our partner gives our product even more credibility, and we are excited to see what this partnership will bring.”

The Coloreel unit will become commercially available in the UK in the autumn through AJS Embroidery Services.

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