Clean Cut Blades arrives in the UK

Clean Cut Blades arrives in the UK

With a strong following in the US, Clean Cut Blades of Iowa has now arrived in the UK.

Clean Cut Blades manufactures high-quality blades for vinyl cutting machines and plotters. The blades are made from US-made high-grade carbide rods, which have been supplied from the same manufacturer for years. The blank rods go through an intense five-stage diamond grading process before being micro-polished to form a razor sharp edge.

The blade edges are so sharp there is a warning sticker instructing users to reduce the cutting force of the machine by 50%

Until last month, Clean Cut Blades could only be ordered direct from the US factory which meant high shipping costs and a long wait for delivery, but this has all changed with the appointment of a UK-based distributor.

It is now possible to order Roland, Graphtec, Mimaki, Summa, Mutoh, GCC and Ioline compatible blades from, at much keener prices than OE blades and delivered in one to three days.

The UK business is headed up by Dean Roscoe, a name those in the embroidery industry will be familiar with.

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