Caring about the planet

Bagfactory is a non-woven eco bags manufacturer in Lithuania, Europe, with an international sales office located in the UK specialised in producing non-woven eco bags by innovative sewing technology.

The technology enables the company to produce the finest finishing, beautifully designed and durable environmental friendly non-woven eco bags. Conventional needle-and-thread sewing method is being replaced with the new technology, which can achieve economy of scale, and provide a more competitive price to customers.

Bagfactory uses polypropylene non-woven (PP non-woven) material to produce its environmentally-friendly eco bags. PP non-woven is a recyclable plastic material; it is breathable, reusable, washable, recyclable, strong, extremely lightweight, comfortable and soft. It is a perfect choice for companies that are looking to produce environmentally-friendly eco bags as their promotional item for marketing purposes.

With its factory and production team located in Europe Bagfactory is able to accept custom-made orders to fulfil customers’ needs and requirements in short period of time.

Bagfactory cares about the planet, hence the business direction is towards producing the finest quality non-woven eco bags in Europe. The company is proud that it is able to play a role to achieve a better and greener earth through its works.

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