Can you print it? Of course you can!

Have you ever been asked by a customer “Can you print onto this or that product?” If you have then read on because the Compress iUV-600s is definitely a machine worth knowing about.

The Compress people have used LED technology to develop a small-footprint flatbed UV printer that brings you cost effective printing of industrial parts and promotional items. With a print area of 604mm x 450mm and a media height of 300mm the iUV-600s can print on to just about any item whether it be made of glass, metal, plastic, board, acrylic – the list goes on. It even handles flexible materials such as leather and textiles. As long as the item can be held, it can be printed.

With print resolutions from 360×360 to 2800×1440 you have a massive range of print speeds and quality settings that will satisfy even the most demanding client. The eight-colour system can even be set up as dual CMYK or four white/clear + four CMYK, depending on the job in hand, giving you increased flexibility. Ink is delivered by a pressurised re-circulation system giving a smooth consistent flow and so producing the same high quality print time after time. The white ink is fed through the well-known WIMS (White Ink Management System) which eliminates stirring and avoids costly blocked nozzles. All in all the Compress iUV-600s has everything needed to give your business that extra income stream you have been looking for. OK, so now you are probably thinking that this machine is fantastic but anything this good has to come at a high cost. Wrong! The iUV-600s is one of the most competitively priced machines on the market, especially when you consider the specification.

In use the printer can just as easily handle multiple items or large single items. Connecting to a standard PC running Windows the set up time for a print is minimal. With experience you can set up multiple prints on the same run, printing a number of items with different designs. With this sort of flexibility your production costs can easily be reduced and your profits increased.

If your business model demands continuous production then again look no further than Compress. The iUV-600LNE has been designed for uninterrupted mass decoration. An auto cartridge loader feeds trays of products direct into the dual LED UV printer giving continual printing of products even if the shape and size vary.

If you are looking for a UV printer then make sure that the Compress range is on your list. Even if you aren’t looking this model is worth considering for an extra income stream for your business. Maybe next time a customer asks “Can you print it?” you will be able to reply “Of course I can!”

For more information please contact or call 01623 863343

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