Brother introduces AccuLine Camera System for the GTX

The Acculine system positioned on the GTX

Brother’s AccuLine Camera System is now available for the GTX direct to garment printer.

With the use of this visual alignment system, it’s fast and easy to take a photo of any type of substrate such as a pocket, cap, shoe, tote bag or coaster and position the graphic using the photo template as a guideline. Once properly positioned, the file can be output to the GTX where it accurately prints it on the product.

Because the GTX has a larger print area than the GT-3, the GTX version of the AccuLine has been designed to be able to see the full print zone. The system includes a full HD 13M pixel digital camera, which allows for accurate placement of a design with less than 1mm of error. It also includes a USB cable and software.

The camera is positioned 36in above the printer. It is lightweight and easy to install. The intuitive software allows you to simply drag and drop designs, and instant, accurate placement requires less test prints and helps reduce printing errors, which minimises wasted ink.

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