An eco-friendly approach to screen printing


As a world leader in water-based inks, MagnaColours has made it its mission to make screen printing greener and more sustainable.

For 40 years, Magna has pushed the boundaries to create innovative, eco-friendly alternatives to plastisol, with formulations that guarantee fantastic print-performance, productivity, flexibility and a super soft handle every time.

With MagnaColours PVC- and formaldehyde-free inks and pastes, many printers and global brands like Nike, Under Armour and Adidas now benefit from fantastic detail, ultra-high opacity, brilliant whites and superb wet-on-wet printing systems.

The MagnaPrint offering ranges from high solids such as AquaFlex V2, with excellent elasticity and a soft flexible feel, to soft bases like the non-drying ND Extra, for bright prints on light-coloured fabrics when using high mesh screens.

Other ink bases include the formaldehyde-free Discharge ULF for bright and beautiful colours, and the all new EDGE range, a revolutionary water-based ink that stays wet on screen but dries instantly on fabric, requiring fewer flash units than before.

The MagnaColours range also offers a vast number of ready-to-use, special effects inks, from the lustrous metallic Bling to the two-tone MultiChrome and MultiShine, alongside a selection of reflective, crackle effect and tactile high density pastes.

Further recent launches include the UV-reactive MagnaPrint Invisible Ink and the intense, glow-in-the-dark Glow FX.

Magna continues to demonstrate the vast range of print effects that can be achieved using eco-friendly, water-based inks.

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