Always on the lookout for new products

Dye Sublimation Supplies stocks a variety of products for the personalised print industry; from sublimation blanks, ink and transfer paper to printers, heat presses and business in a box starter kits. The product range has grown steadily, and Dye Sublimation Supplies now imports its blank products from three sources, which allows the company to get the best product for the best price.

Dye Sublimation Supplies always on the lookout for new products as well; not just new and interesting blanks, but also ink and film technologies. Sublisplash, which is a sublimation ink manufactured in the EU has been a great success for us so far, with a deep black reproduction, and the company is excited to see how the new Reveal-S PrintPerfect System, an incredible solution for sublimating onto cotton, develops as new films are added.

One of the things Dye Sublimation Supplies enjoys about supplying the sublimation industry is the many varied and unique designs that customers produce with its products and advice; the value of the finished product is in their design at the end of the day and being able to help a customer achieve their vision with Dye Sublimation Supplies’ products is what it is all about.

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