Add a little extra dimension

Roland DG TrueVIS SG-300

Grafityp UK offers the very best options for anyone wanting to produce either printed textile transfers or signs and graphics.

As one of the most successful resellers of Roland’s excellent range of print and cut machines in recent times, Grafityp, with its vast wealth of experience will make sure you get the best possible solution for your work, and the best available materials for your needs.

The extensive range of print and cut options from Roland allow the user to produce stunning full-colour logos and graphics for heat application using the perfect combination of Roland machines and Siser printable transfer products.

With print and cut combined into just one machine, you have a whole host of printing options that can add extra dimension and direction to your business and allow you to offer even more to your customers.

Grafityp can offer great deals on Roland machines of all widths from the entry level BN-20 at 500mm wide through 762mm and 1370mm VersaCAMM and TrueVIS options up to 1625mm wide TrueVIS and SolJet machines, all tried and tested offering brilliant high-quality results.

Match these machines with some of the very best materials around from Siser for all textile transfer applications or indeed Grafityp’s own manufactured materials for signs, graphics, walls, vehicles, shop fronts, banners, light boxes, floors, exhibition stands, POS, pop-ups and roll-ups, canvas, flag and windows, and you soon start to realise just what extra dimension this type of purchase can add to your existing business.

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