A one-stop-shop for screen printing consumables

Example of some Wilflex Epic Rio prints

Colenso Screen Services is shaping the future of screen printing with new and innovate products, for example the Wilflex LC (low curing) whites and colour systems, helping the fight to reduce energy costs and lower emissions.

The new Virus WOW (wet-on-wet) inks available in four colour process provide a solution to lowering production costs to print full colour on black T shirts.

With a team of technical representatives and the support of worldwide renowned suppliers, Colenso really can help you drive efficiencies and increase the vibrancy and opacity of your prints.

Colenso is truly your one-stop-shop for screen printing consumables, suppling Fotec emulsion and films, colour separation film, squeegee blade, Remco prepress and screen reclamation chemistry (which can be recycled and distilled), PMI tape, pallet masking tape, water-based spray adhesive, transfer paper, screen stretching service, in-house artwork facility, wiping material, along with a full range of protection products to help you comply with health and safety regulations.


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